Gambatte Kudasai!

Allyson Bedford, a recent KU graduate and active participant in LCM  (who could forget San Diego, or Numa-Numa, or marshmallows at Tomah Shinga?) is leaving next week  to enliven the country of Japan as an English teacher with the ELCA.    She had actually applied for this J3 position in 2009.  Fortunately, the ELCA interviewers (who tried to send her to China last year) misread the dates on her file, and called her up this spring to see if she was interested in going to Japan.   Maybe the ELCA mission should read:  “Our mistakes God’s hands?

Allyson will spend the first six months in language school in Tokyo (Allyson was a Japanese minor at KU)  then she’ll be assigned to teach English either at a middle school in Kumamoto (at the far southern end of Kyushu) or at a University in Tokyo.    Allyson is looking forward to putting her Japanese to use, and to the food and excitement of Japan.   And, she already has people offering to come and visit…..