May 4, 2010

Have fun


One of the most important aspects of LCM at KU is the sense of community that builds through spending time together. Although we have plenty of fun at all sorts of activities, we do like to take time just to enjoy each other’s company.

Wednesdays are a time for food, fun, and new friendships. Starting at 6 p.m. we’ll be cooking together (and learning how to cook some fun new foods) and eating together.   Afterwards we’ll have games, movies, or study time.  Check the calendar for any special updates (like menus and movie titles) 

Every Sunday after we gather for worship, we stick around to enjoy a meal and spend time together. This is a great time to unwind with friends before school starts again on Monday (or before you go finish your paper due Monday morning).

  • Turkey for the SoulOn the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the LCM community gathers for a large festive meal. Everyone brings a dish that is a family favorite and we all get to enjoy.
  • Super BowlMeeting for worship on Sunday evening does run into conflicts sometimes. In this case, we start worship early so that everyone can be ready to start the real praying at kickoff.
  • Stop Day Eve PartyWe always gather one last time at the end of the year before everyone gets crazy busy with finals week and graduation. This is a great chance to share your summer plans and enjoy a brat or two.