April 29, 2010

About Us

A community of communities

The Lutheran Campus Ministry has a variety people walk in and outs of its doors on a regular basis. There are people of differing religions, University of Kansas students and staff, members of the Lawrence community and many more. At LCM, we hope to provide a space in which everyone feels safe and comfortable enough to express their own views and opinions as well as listen to those of others. We offer the space to varying student organizations such as Beta Sigma Psi, Veggie Lunch and the food pantry. We also offer activities and leadership opportunities for students such as cooking food for the homeless shelter and the annual NYC spring break trip, as well as events for those within the Lawrence community to attend such as the Chili Cookoff and the LCM Walk. So, stop on by and check it out for yourself.

Lutheran Campus Ministry is affiliated with the following groups:

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